Studi Profesionalisme Akuntan (SPA) Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Indonesia (FEUI) is a accounting student organization with all accounting student as a member. SPA FEUI is Himpunan Mahasiswa Akuntansi FEUI (HIMA FEUI). SPA was established on August 22nd 1998 and since then SPA has been transformed not only just an accounting study organization but also an organization that hold activities which provide value added, both to SPA’s member and participant of the activities. Now, SPA consist of 4 Divisions and 4 Bureaus which have their own specialization working together to achieve the vision of SPA

Chief’s Welcome

Vision And Mission

The Vision of SPA FEUI is:

to be recognized as a benchmark of excellence in student organization in Indonesia

And the Mission is:

  1. Member development in quality and professionalism
  2. Designing and implementing comprehensive and effective work system
  3. Establishing dynamic, professional, and friendly working condition
  4. Creating innovative and value-added programs and activities for all stakeholders

Organizational Structure

To achieve its goals, SPA has four main parts which are Accounting, Auditing and Tax as studies division and Student Development division. These four division will be supported by four bureaus: Fund Raising, Human Resource, External Affair and IT Viscomm bureau. Two following charts are the organizational design and structure of SPA FEUI..

Below is the organizational structure

Click here to get more information about Executive Board

Click here to get more information about DIVISION

Click here to get more information about BUREAU

The Philosophy’s of SPA Logo

The GREEN Color means SPA always bring an innovation and prosperity to their stakeholder

The BLUE Color means SPA is a trustworthy organization

The ascending boxes means that SPA always do continuous improvement

The big three boxes at left side represent the big three events managing by SPA which is ATV, TST and IAF

And the two boxes below the big three boxes means SPA always serve the needs of accounting student

SPA’s Values

Because every single Associate and Functionary, students who is involved in SPA’s management, is the most valuable assets, SPA FEUI provides them with four values. These four values will transform Associate and Functionary into skillful, hard-worker, well-organized, communicative and others benefit. The Values are:

Below is the process how the associates are transformed:

If you have any suggestion, comment, question or any information, feel free to contact us

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